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Laos eyes Chinese technology for small hydropower plants

Publication Date : 11-10-2013


Laos and China signed nine memorandums of understanding in Vientiane on Wednesday relating to cooperation on science and innovation between the two countries.

Laos' Ministry of Science and Technology and China's Yunnan Science and Technology Exchange Centre agreed to the cooperation during a meeting held in Vientiane on October 8-9.

“We signed nine different MOUs after two days of talks, but there were others we did not sign because there was not enough time to discuss them all,” Director of the Technology and Innovation Department, Soumana Chounlamany, said.

Those MOUs which were not signed may be brought up for discussion at the next meeting.

Deputy Chief of the Renewable Energy and New Material Institute, Bounchan Douangvilay, told Vientiane Times he signed an MOU with the International Centre on Hydropower in Yunnan on small hydropower development in Laos.

“We want China to help us build our capacity for small hydropower development as they have already done this in their own country,” he added.

Small hydropower generators are seen to be the ideal way to provide electricity to rural communities, especially in remote areas.

Any of the MOUs will be cancelled if either side fails to fulfil its responsibilities within a period of one year.

According to Electricite Du Laos, the government has two major targets: firstly, to connect 80 to 90 per cent of the country's households to a reliable electricity supply by 2015 and, secondly, to develop the nation's huge hydropower potential to boost revenue through the export of electricity.

The government has placed a high priority on the development and modernisation of social and economic infrastructure to facilitate economic development in each region of the country.


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