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Another woman gang-raped in India

Publication Date : 28-12-2012


Ten days after a medical student was brutally gang-raped in the Indian capital, another woman was sexually assaulted and dumped in south Delhi.

The woman, 42, told the police she was gagged, sedated and raped in a car by three men while on her way to Delhi from neighbouring Uttar Pradesh state.

The victim was found lying on a road on Wednesday night by a passer-by, who called the police - who have faced flak for failing to keep the city safe for women.

The latest incident came as students and activists held fresh protests here yesterday to push for tougher laws against sexual assault and justice for the medical student, 23, who was flown to Singapore for treatment early yesterday morning.

Some 200 protesters tried to march to the India Gate monument, but were stopped by police wearing riot gear and armed with tear gas and water cannon. The protesters dispersed by evening.

The federal government said yesterday it would publicly shame rapists by putting their photos, names and addresses on official websites, in a bid to combat sex crimes against women. The campaign will begin in New Delhi, Junior Home Minister Ratanjit Pratap Narain Singh told reporters.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government has decided to double the number of buses on the night service, from 42 to 85, and to deploy Home Guards on the buses.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, at a meeting of chief ministers from across the country, asked that special attention be given to the safety and security of women. He said the government is reviewing laws related to sexual assault and examining the levels of punishment.

"The emergence of women in public spaces, which is an absolutely essential part of social emancipation, is accompanied by growing threats to their safety and security," said Dr Singh.

"There can be no meaningful development without the active participation of half the population, and this participation simply cannot take place if their security and safety is not assured."

He said the law would expeditiously deal with the six men accused of raping the student.

Indians yesterday were further incensed by remarks made by lawmaker Abhijit Mukherjee, the son of President Pranab Mukherjee. He said many of the protesters were not students but "dented and painted" women, a phrase used by mechanics who mask rust on used cars with coats of paint.

His sister Sharmishtha criticised him, saying his comments were "a bit of a shocker" and that her father also disapproved.


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