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M'sian PM pledges changes

Stressing that the Barisan Nasional coalition should be ready for the general election, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said the election could be held as early as next month.

Publication Date : 25-11-2012


Changes can take place in the country without having to change the government and this has been proven by ruling coalition Barisan Nasional, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said yesterday.

“Barisan is not an inflexible party. We are ready to change,” the PM told some 1,500 members of non-governmental organisations at PWTC in Kuala Lumpur.

“Change can happen in our country and we have proven that it is not necessary for us to change the government.

“We can bring change with the same government,” added Najib, the Barisan chairman who is also the president of United Malays National Organisation (Umno), the key constituent of the coalition.

He said the government's ability to spearhead change could be seen in its efforts to include NGOs, civil society and communities as partners in its transformation agenda.

He said Malaysia was experiencing actual change and progress in the economy, and this could be seen in the 5.2 per cent growth, higher revenue and international acknowledgements such as being rated as the 12th best nation in ease of doing business and Kuala Lumpur being ranked fourth best city for shopping by CNN Travel.

Unlike the opposition pact and its Buku Jingga, Najib said, the Barisan government had put in place a clear roadmap to steer the country towards a developed and high-income nation by 2020.

“We have a clear roadmap, unlike Buku Jingga. We don't play with promises, we fulfil them,” he added.

The prime minister said various forms of financial aid had been handed out to the rakyat and hinted that the Government might provide more assistance.

He rejected the notion that NGOs, the young and the elderly were not with the government, saying the gathering was a clear indication that people of all races, religions and age groups were behind the Government.

In an interview, Najib said Umno and Barisan should not be too conservative as the young generation wanted to see change.

“We should exist as a party that can bring change to the nation. That is why the young people today feel that they should not reject Umno and Barisan although we have continuously ruled this country,” news agency Bernama quoted him as saying.

“They (youths) see us as a party that can bring about transformation and development.”


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