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Taiwan president orders protest against new Chinese passports

Publication Date : 24-11-2012


Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou has instructed the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) to urge the mainland Chinese authorities not to destroy the hard-won stability between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, Presidential Office spokesman Fan Chiang Tai-chi said yesterday.

The People's Republic of China recently released new passports with pictures of Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake and Qingshui Cliff printed inside them, causing uproar on the island.

Sun Moon Lake and Qingshui Cliff fall within the jurisdiction of the Republic of China government, Fan Chiang said, adding that the administration upholds the principle of mutual non-recognition and mutual non-denial in accordance with the Constitution, meaning that although both sides of the Taiwan Strait do not recognize each other's sovereignty, they also do not repudiate each other's jurisdictions.

Relations between Taiwan and China are currently at the most stable in the last 60 years, the spokesman said, adding that the president has instructed the MAC to release a statement and urge the mainland Chinese not to destroy the stability between Taiwan and China.

The MAC said yesterday that Sun Moon Lake and Qingshui Cliff are part of Taiwan's territory, and that by releasing passports with pictures of these places, mainland China has harmed relations between the Strait.

The Republic of China is a sovereign state and in accordance with the Constitution, its territory is defined by its existing boundaries, the MAC stressed, urging mainland China to recognise the reality of separate rule across the Strait.

Mainland China's inclusion of these pictures in its passports is an act of confrontation, and it has harmed cross-strait relations, the MAC reiterated, adding that the Republic of China will not accept such actions.


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