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Coffee, cakes, and petting time

Spend time playing with the friendly felines at Bangkok's new Cats Cafe

Publication Date : 16-11-2012


Inspired by the Japanese custom of offering feline friendship to apartment dwellers unable to keep cats of their own, Winit and Ratika Chiemsuk recently expanded their pet shop business on Sukonthasawat Road to include a cat cafe.

Opened just four months ago, the cheerful pink Charming Cats Cafe and Pet Shop is a great place for animal lovers to enjoy a java juice and make friends with one or more of the 30 felines who stroll around the premises.

The large room is welcoming with a giant cat-shaped door guard and furnished with comfy beanbags, a white rattan swing, cosy sofas and chairs.

"I started feeding cats when I was a university student. Now I have almost 30 cats at home. This cafe is one of my dreams. I'd love to have a feline from each breed," says Winit. "I love cats and want to share a passion with others."

The only rule is that customers have to order drink or dessert to play with kitties of pay a fee. Winit and Ratika already have several breeds including a Savannah, a cross between a serval and a domestic cat, a Scottish Fold, Exotic Short Hair and Exotic Long Hair as well as a cute Munchkin. They're friendly and often naughty, and Winit says most of them were acquired from farms in Japan and Russia.

In between petting the cats, you can enjoy layered soft cake stuffed with sliced kiwi, peach, cherry and cream, fancy coffeecake is topped with walnuts and cute cupcakes shaped like kittens. They can be washed down with coffees and smoothies as well as a Cat's Eye Soda or an Italian soda blended with watermelon and berries.

The shop also sells a variety of pet food and toys for dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters.

Charming Cats Cafe and Pet Shop is located at 464, SS Centre, Sukhonthasawat Road in Bangkok. 


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