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Dee's the real deal

Publication Date : 14-11-2012


On her popular talk show with Kevin Tsai, Mr Con And Ms Csi, Taiwan's Dee Hsu is the one who gets to put guests on the spot. Last Friday, it was her turn to be in the spotlight.

Dressed in an off-white chiffon dress and sporting smoky eyes, the 34-year-old, better known as Xiao S, vamped it up on a temporary runway at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands for Taiwanese fashion label iROO (pronounced ee-row).

"Am I popular here?," she asked the crowd teasingly, adding: "If you say no, I'll jump down immediately."

She has been the brand ambassador for iROO since June this year.

Judging from the squeals and screams when she appeared, the answer was clear.

She is known for her quick and sharp wit and sense of humour on the show and you wonder how much of it is off the cuff and how much is prepped.

Speaking to Life! after her catwalk jaunt, she says it is a combination of doing one's homework and knowing what story your guest is going to tell, and then going with the flow.

She points out: "Audiences are really sharp as well. If you act surprised or sad, they will feel you're being fake. The more genuine your reaction, the better."

Sometimes, when the guest's story is too perfect, she would shoot off: "You made that up, right?"

For all her affinity for the gig, even winning Best Host in a Variety Programme with Tsai in 2005 at the Golden Bell Awards, she tells you frankly that hosting is just a job.

She says: "It's just a job that earns me money and so it's something I should do."

Asked which Singaporean entertainer has left the deepest impression and she immediately mentions singer Stefanie Sun, who has appeared on the talk show more than once.

This is partly because Sun has just given birth. Hsu says: "When I interviewed her, I never thought of her as someone who would get married and have a child. I thought she had a very strong personality and one that was avant-garde and would, hence, resist a more traditional role."

Her first thought when she steps into the studio: How I wish I was home.

Is it because she misses her three children?

She is married to businessman Mike Hsu, 42, and they have three daughters: Elly, six, Lily, four, and Alice, who was born in April this year.

"Sometimes when I get back and they're still awake, I would then think maybe I should return later. I'm hesitating between not wanting to work and not wanting to look after the kids. I'm a pretty lazy person," she concludes disarmingly.

Make no mistake though, family is important to her and it is "absolutely No. 1" over work.

There has been media interest over whether she will try for a son.

She says: "I really don't wish for a boy but people around me keep asking and they think I face some pressure to do so."

She adds that her mother-in-law has reassured her that having three daughters is already "very great".

Eldest daughter Elly has started attending school, and it is No. 2 Lily who has really taken a shine to the newest addition to the family.

Hsu says: "I call Alice 'baobei' (precious) and Lily would loudly call 'baobei' as well every time she comes home and then keep kissing and hugging her."

Perhaps Lily has picked up on the bond that Dee shares with her elder sister, singer-actress Barbie.

From 1994 to 2003, the sisters were a pop act together called Asos.

Dee is happy that Barbie, 36, has found her partner in life, Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei, 31.

Even then, she worries whether Barbie is accustomed to life in Beijing where her husband is based.

The sisters are so close that Dee says: "I think we might have been lovers in a previous life because I care very deeply for her. I wish her well almost more than I wish it for myself."


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