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M'sia emerges third in global branding list

Not just about advertising: Sarah Reiter speaking during media briefing on the country branding global survey.

Publication Date : 08-11-2012


Malaysia has emerged third among the “Future 15” countries that are on course to transform the global landscape economically, politically and culturally in the coming years.

In a global survey by brand consultancy FutureBrand, Malaysia's inclusion in the list was attributed to its strengths in governance, investment, human capital, growth, sustainability and influence.

Malaysia's third placement in the “Future 15” list due to its strengths in economic reforms and human capital should be emulated by others, said FutureBrand Southeast Asia Chief Executive Officer Sarah Reiter.

“Nation branding is not about advertising. Advertising does not translate into brand strength. It is what you do, not what you say,” she said during a media briefing yesterday.

“Progressive and consistent government policies is the way to move forward.”

She said Malaysia was the strongest performer in South-East Asia in terms of country brand.

Reiter also said Malaysia was ranked 36th among 118 countries in the eighth edition of the consultant's Country Brand Index (CBI) 2012-2013.

The strength of a country's brand is determined by the level of awareness, familiarity, preference, consideration, advocacy and active decisions to visit or establish commercial relationships.

Malaysia also continued to improve its individual CBI ranking across the board by being in the top 25 worldwide for environmental friendliness, job opportunities and advanced technology, Reiter added.

She also said Malaysia out-performed its Southeast Asian neighbours on improvements in the tourism segment.


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