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Korean instant noodles safe, say M'sia authorities

Publication Date : 29-10-2012


Six Shin Ramyun instant noodle products are safe for consumption despite recent media reports that they contained benzopyrene, a cancer-causing agent, the health ministry said.

In a statement yesterday, the ministry said it had carried out five levels of inspection on the noodles that were imported from South Korea as a precautionary measure.

The noodles, it said, were tested for the benzopyrene parameter at all entry points of the country.

“At domestic level, we have also instructed our enforcement officers to take product samples and test it for benzopyrene," the statement said.

“The ministry hopes the public will not be worried as we have taken the necessary actions to tackle this issue."

“The South Korea Food and Drug Administration, in a letter to the instant noodles’ manufacturer, has also stated that the benzopyrene detected in the instant noodles soup powder is at a safe level,” added the statement.

Benzopyrene is normally found in cigarette smoke and grilled, smoked or baked food. It is also a by-product in various processing industries,

According to the statement, data obtained through the Food Safety Information System of Malaysia showed that some 283 tonnes of instant noodles of various brands worth about 1.8 million ringgit (US$592,105) had been imported from South Korea since last year.


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