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No Idul Adha celebration for Indonesian Ahmadis

Publication Date : 27-10-2012


Dozens of Ahmadiyah followers in Bandung, West Java, were barred from performing Idul Adha prayer and slaughtering animals during the Islamic day of sacrifice yesterday.

Members of vigilante group Islam Defenders Front (FPI) raided Ahmadis’ An-Nasir mosque on Thursday night, damaging the mosque and prohibiting the Ahmadis from celebrating Idul Adha, annual festival when Muslims sacrifice animals as a religious ritual.

There were about 10 Ahmadis preparing for Idul Adha inside the mosque, including several women, when the raid took place, reported.

The FPI members took three Ahmadis to the Astana Anyar Police precinct, which was located 500 metres from the mosque and demand that they followed the West Java’s gubernatorial regulation that bans Ahmadis from conducting public activities.

Police released the Ahmadis but guarded the mosque yesterday morning. Police also called off the Idul Adha prayer. The Ahmadis handed over four cows and three goats, which they planned to be slaughtered in their own mosque, to other mosques.

Last year, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan issued The Gubernatorial Regulation No. 12 which bans Ahmadis from conducting any public activity.

Ahmad claimed that the regulation had reduced attacks against Ahmadis. Therefore, evaluation toward the regulation was not necessary, he added.

“Before I issued the regulation, intimidation against Ahmadis happened almost every month. After the establishment of regulation, there was not that many, maybe just twice a year” he said as quoted by Antara news wire. “Even if there were some threats, they were minor cases.”

Ahmad, however, said that physical violations against Ahmadis or their properties were not allowed under the law. “The law forbids physical attacks against anyone,” he said.

“If there is physical assault uncovered in the last incident, I will let the police handle it,” he said.


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