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Vietnam, China boost ties in fighting border crimes

Publication Date : 24-10-2012


Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has lauded cooperation with China, especially in fighting border crimes.

Dung received yesterday Chinese Minister of Public Security Meng Jianzhu, who is in Hanoi for the 3rd Anti-Crime Conference between the two ministries of public security.

Dung described the two ministries' cooperation as a practical contribution to boosting the ties between the two nations.

He said he wished the two ministries would continue to implement their cooperation activities in a more effective and intensive way, affirming the Vietnamese government's constant support for these activities.

"Vietnam always attaches importance to developing cooperation with China and will do its utmost to foster bilateral ties in all aspects for the common development of the two sides," Dung said.

He noted that both countries still had different perceptions on sea-related issues and emphasised the need to discuss and work together to seek a satisfactory and long-term measure acceptable to both sides in the spirit of comradeship and fraternity, as well as high-level agreements reached between the two countries' leaders, and international laws.

The East Sea territorial dispute should not be allowed to affect the two countries' cooperation, he said.

Meng informed the host of the productive outcomes of cooperation between the two ministries in the fight against crime, such as drug and human trafficking, telecom swindling, weapon smuggling and hi-tech crimes in border areas.

He affirmed that the Chinese ministry would continue to closely coordinate and cooperate with the Vietnamese side in effectively implementing their cooperation agreements, helping promote the traditional friendship between the two countries.

Meng also shared Dung's viewpoints on Regarding the East Sea issue, expressing his belief that the issue would not affect the Vietnam-China relationship.

Earlier on the same day, Meng and his Vietnamese counterpart, Tran Dai Quang, co-chaired the conference.

Reviewing cooperation results since September 2010, the two sides agreed that they had closely cooperated in realising common perceptions and effectively combating criminal acts that had threatened the two countries' security and social order.

The two sides had together protected peace and stability in border areas, helping boost the sustainable and stable development of the Vietnam-China strategic cooperation partnership.

At the conference, the two ministries agreed to continue consolidating and strengthening their cooperation in the spirit of solidarity and friendship.

They would coordinate in fighting crimes such as terrorism, transnational crime, the transport and the trade of weapons and explosives, trafficking of drugs and humans, especially women and children, gambling and other economic crimes.

They would also step up collaboration in protecting internal security and to effectively spoil hostile forces' activities aimed at undermining their nations.

In addition to increasing meetings and visits, the two sides would also strengthen cooperation at Asean-China forums.


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