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Hachiko's long wait for master almost over

Publication Date : 19-10-2012


After decades of waiting, Hachi will finally be reunited with his master.

A bronze statue of Hachi, the Akita dog immortalised as "faithful dog Hachiko", and his master Hidesaburo Ueno will be unveilled at a park in Tsu on Saturday, October 20. This is reportedly the first statue featuring both Ueno and his loyal pooch.

Hachi rose to fame for waiting in front of Tokyo's Shibuya Station for Ueno to return home each day, even after his master's death. The man and dog had often walked to the station together.

Statues of Hachi have been erected in front of the station and in Odate, Akita Prefecture, where he was born.

A Tsu citizens group started raising money in 2009 to build a statue of both Hachi and Ueno, a Tokyo Imperial University professor originally from the city, who is credited with laying the foundation of modern agricultural engineering. The group reached its target figure this year, and a new statue of Hachi looking happily up at Ueno (1871-1925) has been made.


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