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Samsung wins patent battle with Apple in UK

Publication Date : 19-10-2012


Samsung Electronics won another victory in its global patent battle with Apple Inc. as a court in London upheld an earlier decision that Galaxy tablet PCs did not copy the iPad’s design.

The ruling in the United Kingdom is likely to deal a blow to Apple, especially considering that it is a matter involving what the US company values most - its design.

The ruling reaffirmed an earlier order that Apple publicly declare that Samsung had not copied its design.

Apple has been labelling Samsung as a “copycat” since the Korean company started launching its Galaxy wireless gadgets, including smartphones and tablet PCs.

In a statement, Samsung Electronics said it welcomes the verdict, reiterating that the company “has been respecting intellectual property of competitors.”

The Korean firm also said it believed that “it is inappropriate that (Apple) restricts consumers’ right to select products by claiming unreasonable arguments over designs.”

In July, the UK court ordered the Cupertino-based firm to publish public notices that Samsung products did not copy the iPad’s designs.

UK Judge Colin Birss ordered Apple to post a notice on the firm’s UK website and in British newspapers alerting people that Samsung did not copy the designs of the iPad for its Galaxy Tab.

The order follows a London court decision in July that the Suwon, Gyeonggi Province-based firm’s tablets do not infringe on Apple’s registered designs.


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