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Indian MP appeals to allies to oppose reforms

Publication Date : 15-10-2012


Indian Chief Minister and Trinamul Congress chief Mamata Banerjee yesterday appealed to the non-Congress United Progressive Alliance (UPA) allies to come forward and voice their protest against the central government's “anti-people” decisions like increase in diesel prices, fertiliser prices, restriction on use of LPG cylinders, introduction of foreign direct investment in retail, in pensions, and in insurance.  

Banerjee posted in a social networking site that “time is running out to voice protest against these issues.”

“May I request the political parties supporting the UPA-II to take stand in the interest of common people so that anti-people decisions are not implemented,” she made the request on Facebook. She has also sought public opinion on these reforms. 

Subrata Mukherjee, State Rural and Panchayat Minister said: "The Congress is trying to bring back the dreaded regime of indigo planters of the East Indian company. Multi-brand retail chains such as Walmart will follow the same pattern to ruin the country's agricultural economy.''     

A party insider said the Trinamul Congress is the first political party to hold a protest rally at Jantar Mantar in Delhi to protest against these issues and after its ministers pulled out from the ministry at the centre. 

“Our party will hold similar rallies in Haryana and Lucknow after the Pujas. Banerjee, for the first time, will join our movement outside Bengal on  such anti-people matters,'' said Mukul Roy, former Railway minister. 

Earlier too, Banerjee posted on Facebook asking people to protest against the Centre's increasing the price of LPG cylinders. She wrote the price is likely to go up further in the coming months. This is a very sensitive matter. She asked: “Is this what the common people expect from reforms''?

“The decisions are unethical and immoral. I’m told that more such unpleasant decisions are in the offing ,''  Banerjee said.


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