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Electric transport in M'sia on the cards

Publication Date : 12-10-2012


Electric public transport may not be too far off from the cards for Malaysia, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said yesterday.

In the push for green energy, Malaysia had to be on the path to sustainable energy and the cheapest and easiest way to cut carbon, he said at the 3rd International GreenTech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre yesterday.

And in the transport sector - the second-biggest driver of energy demand in the country - he hinted a future for electric vehicles.
“We must push ahead with the electrification of public transport.”

“In the long term, we would like to match the energy consumed by the electric vehicles with renewable power generation to achieve a truly sustainable public transport infrastructure, with zero emissions.”

On the consumer level, he provided insights that electric cars may well be a staple on Malaysian roads in the not too distant future.

“Once there is a clear signal from the government that the low-carbon transition is underway, markets will then start pricing zero-carbon vehicles accordingly, and more consumers will start buying them.

“I believe we have the potential to become a regional hub for electric vehicles with a vibrant, world-class industry,” said Najib.

He reiterated the recently-reviewed National Automotive Policy to stimulate investments in electric vehicles with research grants and tax incentives, including a 120 million ringgit (US$39.22 million) funding to Proton for the development of hybrid vehicles.

He said energy efficiency could save the country 14 billion ringgit in Gross National Income by 2020.

On the global front, $211 billion (648 billion ringgit) were invested in renewables in 2010, five times more than 2004. And last year, for the first time, investment in renewables outstripped investment in fossil fuels.

“Our green industries are already worth 67 billion ringgit and grew 6 per cent in 2010/2011 - outstripping the global green sector. It is estimated that all the green projects under the Economic Transformation Programme will generate a GNI of 53 billion ringgit by 2020,” he added.


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