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Psy goes all out with 80,000 fans

Psy performs at Seoul Plaza on Thursday night in front of some 80,000 people. Chung Hee-cho/The Korea Herald

Publication Date : 06-10-2012


Cheering, singing, soju and a shirtless Psy—now that's 'Gangnam style'.

Thursday night was truly a night to remember for the global galloping sensation Psy, who put on a mesmerising visual performance as though it were his last, and electrified the city of Seoul with his energetic stage presence. What more could 80,000 screaming fans ask for?

Even though Psy has not yet overtaken Maroon 5 at the top of the Billboard chart, a feat for which he promised to dance shirtless for the world to see, he still gave his fans what they had been waiting for. The gracious singer, who thanked everyone throughout the night for all their passion and support, finally gave the people of Seoul a night of stripping down, letting go and of course, imaginary horse-riding.

Psy, who is no stranger to drinking on the stage during his performances, also chugged an entire bottle of soju. In such a joyous atmosphere, he expressed heartfelt gratitude for his country and his local fans saying, "This is for Korea" before downing the bottle in one shot as the crowd roared.

The concert was also broadcast live on several social networking media such as YouTube to allow all his global fans to join him on the momentous occasion. Psy stated that the live streaming of the performance was an excellent opportunity to show all his fans worldwide how well Koreans can go all out.

The scene at Seoul Plaza the night of the show was like none other. Many people regarded this moment as "historic" and people of all ages—children, teens, adults and even dancing senior citizens—were present to show their support for the quirky rapper, who is currently the biggest force in spreading K-pop globally.


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