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'UFO' in M'sia again?

The reddish object just above the sun in Muar which stunned many Johoreans who thought it was a UFO.

Publication Date : 03-10-2012


Two phenomena involving the sun had Klang Valley and Johor folk snapping away to capture the moment.

The strange sight of a halo circling the sun became a talking point here as many were seen using their handphones to capture the spectacle at about 12:30pm yesterday.

The National Space Agency (Angkasa), however, gave assurance that the phenomenon was not something to be alarmed about.

The “rainbow-around-the-sun” effect occurs naturally when light interacts with ice crystals in cirrus clouds in the upper troposphere.

The crystals act like prisms, refracting and reflecting sunlight to produce a rainbow-coloured effect around the sun.

However, the agency advised people not to stare directly into the sun to protect their eyesight.

In Muar, residents were stunned to see what looked like a reddish object near the sun at about noon yesterday.

Many thought it was an unidentified flying object or UFO.

Muar marine police chief Assistant Superintendent Nordin Osman said his personnel captured the image on their handphones.

“The object looked static, it didn't move.

“It looked like an orb with a planet inside it,” he said.

Resident Muhamad Sharin thought the object was another planet.

“I immediately called many of my friends and asked them to look at the sun.

“They were amazed at the sight,” he said.

Muhamad Sharin added that the strange sight might have been related to the weather as it was very hot yesterday.


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