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Bangkok may adopt New York-style policing

Publication Date : 30-09-2012


Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra plans to apply aspects of New York's town-planning and security systems in the Thai capital, Bangkok, she said yesterday.

On her recent visit to the city, Yingluck met with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to study the city's town-planning and traffic-management systems, which, she said, could be used to improve the quality of life in Bangkok.

The PM said she learned many interesting things during the visit that could be applied to Thai policies, such as the New York Police Department's security operations, which feature efficient coverage and networking.

She plans to discuss ways of applying them here with the National Police chief.

Asked if the government's "Thai Kitchen to the World" policy had received positive feedback, Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyaphirom answered on her behalf that the "Thai Restaurant Week" event, featuring 50 Thai restaurants, had attracted attention from the media and the New York public.

In regard to her meeting in New York with Myanmar President Thein Sein about the Dawei deep seaport, the PM said they agreed in principle to establish a joint committee to push the project forward, and that Thailand would host the committee's first meeting.

Yingluck made these comments at Suvarnabhumi Airport while briefing reporters on her four-day trip to attend the 67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York last week.

Her remarks were similar to those made in her most recent "Yingluck Government Meets the People" TV programme recorded in the US.

She said her speech to the General Assembly emphasised maintaining peace and security through non-violent methods to solve disputes, and that Thailand would join with other nations to combat human trafficking.

She insisted that economic development must be achieved in tandem with political development at national, regional and global levels, saying the Thai government backed the burgeoning democracy in Myanmar and wanted to see democratic developments throughout Asean.

During the visit, she was invited by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to discuss Thai policies, especially the universal healthcare plan and the Thai Women's Empowerment Fund, at the "Every Women Every Child (EWEC): Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health" event.

This project aims to save the lives of 16 million women and children by 2015.

She also talked with European Union ministers about investment and with US businessmen about trade opportunities.

Yingluck said she visited New York's elevated Highline Park and Grand Central Station to learn about efficient management systems, urban planning and safety systems that could be applied to Thai cities. She also visited schools in Harlem to observe youth education efforts.


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