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Vietnam movie nominated for Academy Award

One scene in "Scent of Burnt Grass"/Viet Nam News

Publication Date : 28-09-2012


Vietnamese movie "Mui Co Chay" (The Scent of Burnt Grass) by director Nguyen Huu Muoi has been nominated for the 85th Academy Awards in the category Best Foreign Language Film.

Produced by the Vietnam Feature Film Studio, Muoi's first work was inspired from the diary of fallen soldier Nguyen Van Thac, titled the "Mai Mai Tuoi 20" (Forever 20).

The movie tells a story of four students in 1971 who join the army and fight on the Quang Tri battlefield in the centre of Vietnam. It was selected for the awards by a national committee, beating 19 others.

"Scent of Burnt Grass" has already received many accolades, including the Golden Kite for Best Picture at the Vietnam Cinematography's Association awards in March, and a Silver Lotus at Vietnam's National Film Festival.

Scriptwriter for the movie Hoang Nhuan Cam said winning the award was not the most important thing for him.

"I'm moved because a portrait of Vietnamese young people, who gave up their youth for the cause of national liberation, will be shown to the international community," Cam said.

"The story was told not only for us but also for younger generations."

Last year, Luu Trong Ninh's "Khat Vong Thang Long" (The Prince and the Pagoda Boy) was entered in the Best Foreign Language Film category.


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