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Korean president stresses military as crucial bedrock of security

Publication Date : 27-09-2012


Korea's President Lee Myung-bak yesterday underscored the need for robust military and defence reforms as the crucial “bedrock” to cope with the changing security environment in the region that is plagued by a series of intensifying territorial rows.

“Although Northeast Asia has risen as a center of world politics and economy in the 21st century, the security environment has been more fluid and unstable,” he said during a ceremony to mark the October 1 Armed Forces Day at the Gyeryongdae military headquarters in South Chungcheong Province.

“Our military should not be wavered and should be the bedrock of our security in order to protect peace and prosperity not only on the Korean Peninsula but also in Northeast Asia.”

Lee also stressed that ahead of Seoul’s retaking wartime operational control from Washington in December 2015, the country should push for a military reform to make it slimmer yet more efficient.


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