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From sir with love

Publication Date : 21-09-2012


"What is your salary, sir. Three thousand? Four thousand?” asked a parent of one of my students while I was riding the bus to school. The other passengers on the bus threw glances at me. I felt embarrassed, and the incident compelled me to examine my teaching profession in society. Teacher means imparter of knowledge. A teacher is regarded as one who dispels the darkness of ignorance. However, the value and respect associated with teachers has declined. The teaching profession is categorised as a low paid profession.

No matter what changes happen in a country, it cannot move forward towards development if reformation in education is neglected. And teachers are the real agents of reform. Capable teachers not only impart bookish knowledge to their pupils but also inspire them to progress towards wisdom in a pleasant way. Nowadays, competent educated youth are reluctant to take up teaching. They engage in teaching until a better opportunity knocks on their door. Under one pretext or the other, they go overseas looking for greener pastures.

In general, there are two sets of teachers — government school teachers and private school teachers. Teachers in government schools are better paid and the job provides security to their career although they are not diligent, hardworking and sincere to their duty. In contrast, teachers in private schools work harder, and they deserve to get more respect, remuneration, facilities and incentives. Their duty is nothing buy a donkey’s work. The school management makes teachers work even on their days off. Low pay, work overload and a lot of stress are the lot of private school teachers. Overwork and time constraints do not enhance the quality of schools, rather they degrade the efficiency of teachers. The chances of effective teaching are higher if they are less stressed, burdened and pressurised.

Teaching is not an easy job. It is mentally, physically and emotionally challenging. It demands a high level of initiatives, diligence, and creative energy. Teachers need to be more studious, updated and have a wide range of knowledge. Moreover, some of them are not updated, and the way they teach in the classroom is always the same. Consequently, students find the lessons monotonous. How long teachers remain at their jobs depends on their salary and other facilities provided by the employer. If they are better paid, they are likely to work more enthusiastically and diligently and with greater dedication.

Teachers can change the face of a country. First, teaching should be one of the decent and better paying jobs for the overall development of a country. Second, exploitation, nepotism, favouritism and any unhealthy practice should not be prevalent. If the present situation is left as it is, the teaching profession is bound to worsen, and it will become nothing than a pastime job.


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