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Saudi group to invest US$1b in Pakistan

Publication Date : 19-09-2012


A Saudi investment company is willing to invest up to US$1 billion in energy, automobile, hotel and construction industries in Pakistan in the next five years.

Al-Qarnain Group chief Eyad Al-Baaj held a meeting with Chairman of Board of Investment, Saleem H. Mandviwalla in Islamabad yesterday to discuss investment opportunities in various sectors of mutual interests of both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

The group plans to invest $400 million in the first couple of years and aims to enhance the level of investment up to $1 billion later.

The group’s first investment in Pakistan will be in the form of a joint venture with a Pakistan cement company, Dandore. Dandore's current capacity is 350 tonnes a day which will be enhanced up to 7500 tonnes a day as a result of the joint venture, said the group’s head.

Al-Baaj informed Mandviwalla that his group was aware of the energy crisis in the Pakistan and was interested in constructing power plants having production capacity of 150 megawatt to 200MW.

To overcome the energy shortfall, the group is also interested in the production of solar panels, installation and back-up services to the consumer, he further explained.

Being one of the biggest construction companies of Saudi Arabia, the group also submitted a proposal to the Board of Investment for the construction of low-cost housing schemes in Pakistan.

It also showed interest to install a state-of-the-art assembly plant for heavy trucks and busses with a comprehensive license from Belarus.


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