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'Design is not an add on, but key component in business'

The Coca-Cola Zero aluminum bottle design by Turner Duckworth, the brand design agency founded by Bruce Duckworth and his fellow designer David Turner. (Photo courtesy of Turner Duckworth)

Publication Date : 18-09-2012


Where there is an abundant choice of products, what differentiates one from the others is design.

More companies are recognising the importance of design and making it a key business strategy.

“Successful business in the future will see design as a key component at the heart of business success, not as an add on,” said Bruce Duckworth, creative director of the world’s leading advertising agency Turner Duckworth in an e-mail interview with The Korea Herald.

Duckworth, co-founder of the agency, led the design of the signature red Coca-Cola bottles and logos for Amazon and the rock band Metallica.

As a designer who creates brand identity and image, Duckworth noted how good design affects people’s lives and how he is drawn to the role of designer.

“Good design answers problems in a simple, emotive and original way. Good design improves peoples’ lives because it makes things simpler. I think people like our design because it often has simple communication and has a sense of humor,” said Duckworth.

“It became apparent to me as my career progressed that it was much more fun if you worked on projects that had impact on peoples’ lives. That’s why I love packaging design and brand design,” he added.

He notes that the ability of design to influence people is “huge.”

“I also think brand and packaging design has a great future, as our interaction becomes more virtual people will value physical products more. Packaging is the one piece of design that every consumer is guaranteed to encounter,” he explained.

Duckworth has won over 200 design awards including Cannes Lions Grand Prix, D&AD Yellow Pencil, DBA Design Effectiveness and has been a regular speaker at design conferences.

Duckworth is scheduled to talk about design and advertisement in a special session at the second Herald Design Forum, to be held by Herald Corporation, publisher of The Korea Herald, from Wednesday to Friday in Seoul.

Duckworth said he is impressed by Korea’s modern architecture and industrial electronic products and the country’s overall commitment to improving its design industry.

“I’m impressed by Korea’s commitment to design, especially in the area of contemporary architecture. I like the Prada transformer building by Rem Koolhass. It’s a very innovative idea and that takes a visionary client to believe in and build it,” said Duckworth.

Asked what advice he can offer to Korea in terms of design, he said: “Don’t take advice from people like me! As Korea develops its design industry, it should have its own identity and not just imitate what has gone on before.”


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