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Opposition to bring no-confidence vote against Taiwan premier

Publication Date : 17-09-2012


The opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is planning to initiate another vote of no confidence against Taiwan Premier Sean Chen and his Cabinet, with party Chairman Su Tseng-chang calling for the naming of a new premier to replace Chen immediately.
When meeting with grassroots DPP supporters in Pingtung County yesterday, Su said the government has been incapable of dealing with the faltering economy and the rising financial misery of the people.

It's time to solemnly suggest that President Ma Ying-jeou appoint a new Cabinet, just like “rebooting a computer that has broken down,” Su said.

Opposition lawmakers will hold a meeting today on initiating another no-confidence vote, one day ahead of the opening of a new session of the Legislative Yuan tomorrow. A no-confidence vote attempt by the DPP against the Cabinet in the extraordinary legislative session failed earlier this year.

Some observers have said the party is trying to cash in on the low popularity ratings of Ma, Chen and the Cabinet, with public anger rising about low incomes, increasing living costs, high jobless rate and soaring housing and commodity prices.

Opposition lawmakers said yesterday that Chairman Su will give a pep talk today on pushing for a vote of no confidence against Chen. Su will then leave the meeting to demonstrate that the DPP gives its members a free hand to decide on the issue and that the party shows respect to lawmakers' independence.

Su will then return at noon to have lunch with the legislators, according to the plan.

DPP lawmakers said that the current Cabinet is unable to maintain normal operations as it is incapable of dealing with the problems faced by the nation and has lost touch with the pains and feelings of the people.

No one dares propose a reorganisation of the Executive Yuan (Cabinet) if it functions well because the motion would not gain support from the public, the lawmakers said.

But the low popularity rating of the Cabinet shows that members of the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) should listen to the complaints of the people and look at the situation in light of the declining economy.

They said the DPP plans to initiate the no-confidence vote to reflect the people's voices. The ball is now in the KMT legislators' court, they said.

KMT lawmakers, who still hold a majority of seats in the Legislature, stand to lose the people's confidence and support if they block the no-confidence vote again, according to the opposition.

According to local reports, President Ma met with KMT lawmakers and government officials on Saturday and Sunday to discuss whether the government should halt the second power hike. No announcement had been made as of press time.

According to the United Evening News, the president invited Cabinet members, legislators, Taipower personnel and KMT members to brainstorm on the issue on Saturday, but no conclusion was reached.

In the meetings, KMT lawmakers expressed their wishes to suspend the planned power price hike and to act quickly.

Legislator Lee Hung-chun stated that people in Taiwan pay less for electricity, but their salary levels are also lower than citizens of other countries. Lee suggested the government raise the electricity rates in accordance with salary increases. Fellow Legislator Lo Shu-lei suggested that the government should wait for the GDP to increase to a certain percentage to raise the power rates.

Legislator Hsu Hsin-ying pointed out that it is better to make the decision by Monday, instead of waiting for the DPP to make their move first.


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