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Samsung hits 20 million Galaxy S3 sales

Samsung employees hold up Galaxy S3 smartphones displaying “20,000,000” following the newest model’s record sales worldwide. (Samsung Electronics)

Publication Date : 07-09-2012


Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest tech company by revenue, saw record sales of its flagship Galaxy S3 in a short period of time, despite recent difficulties over legal issues with its rival Apple.

The company said Thursday that it sold more than 20 million Galaxy S3 smartphones globally in 100 days since its introduction in late May.

In the first 50 days, Samsung sold 10 million Galaxy S3 smartphones ― an average of 200,000 units per day. Some 6 million units were sold in Europe, 4.5 million in Asia, 4 million in North America and 2.5 million in Korea.

Galaxy S3 beats the record of its former model Galaxy S2, which surpassed the 20 million mark in 10 months. The original Galaxy S achieved that in 17 months.

Two industry sources attribute this milestone to Samsung’s global marketing and brand power, as well as its smartphone’s unique and enhanced features, which had a strong impression on consumers.

Samsung’s smartphones have “come out strong” and will continue to do so given its global presence in the tech markets, said a source in the mobile industry.

To this end, its products are expected to receive continuous attention despite legal challenges with Apple, which recently won in a court battle over key patents and design in the US.

Samsung was the centre of both media and public attention at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, which, the source noted, shows that the tech company’s branding and product features still are perceived as innovative.

The Korean company showcased its all-new Galaxy Note 2 at the Berlin tradeshow where Samsung mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun said the new phone will achieve success beyond its previous model.

He added that the company will not give into adversity, and will continue to provide consumers with innovative products.

Rapid sales of Galaxy S3 have helped Samsung maintain its top position in the global mobile phone markets, it noted.


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