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Tokyo smartphone charges highest among major cities

Publication Date : 04-09-2012


Smartphone users in Tokyo pay the highest monthly charges among seven major world cities, according to a survey by the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry.

According to the ministry's survey of telecommunication service charges in fiscal 2011, using a smartphone cost 7,357 yen (US$94) a month in Tokyo. Germany's Dusseldorf ranked second at 7,012 yen, followed by New York at 6,493 yen.

Users in Seoul paid only 2,702 yen, less than half that in Tokyo.

The survey compared smartphone usage charges as of December 2011 for an average smartphone user with the telecom company having the highest market share in each city. Tokyo's high price was believed to result from relatively high data communication charges and the strong yen.

Tokyo also had the highest monthly charges for conventional cell phones. Tokyo users paid 6,687 yen for a conventional cell phone, while those in New York paid 6,493 yen and in Dusseldorf 4,502 yen.

However, Tokyo was the third most expensive city in terms of charges for home-use landlines at 3,468 yen, following London at 4,114 yen and New York at 3,838 yen.


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