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Malaysia's anti-graft image improves

Publication Date : 04-09-2012


Malaysia’s image in fighting corruption has improved with the setting up of a special court that handles corruption cases, said the Institute of Integrity Malaysia (IIM).

“It is a good idea (to set up the special court) because one of the biggest complaints we hear is that corruption cases can take a few years before being brought to court," IIM President Dr Mohd Tap Salleh said at a press conference after the opening of the Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (Esami) learning journey programme yesterday.

“At the moment, it is very fast and cases are disposed of within six months. I think it has helped our image in terms of fighting corruption.”

He was asked to comment on the government’s initiative to curb corruption and to strengthen integrity.

It was reported that the formation of 14 Special Corruption Courts in July last year was given the mandate to adjudicate all corruption cases within 12 months.

Malaysia took 60th spot in the Global Corruption Perception Index (CPI) last year, a drop of four places from 2010.

Dr Mohd Tap also noted that there was still a lot of work that needed to be done to reduce the number of corruption cases and to improve the country’s position in CPI.

“I think studies have shown that the initiative introduced by the government and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (Macc) has reaped a lot of benefits.

“However, even if there is still one corruption case in our country, that is still considered one too many.”

On the event, Dr Mohd Tap said it was important for the public service to introduce measures that would not only change the structure and process, but also bring about behavioural changes that are people-centric.

“It will not be sufficient for the public service to provide conventional style services to the public. The public now wants to be heard and take part in decision making and, to a certain extent, be involved in the project implementation,” he said.

The Esami learning journey programme is designed to provide a learning experience between participating countries to advocate good governance for a sustainable public sector.


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