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Nepali liquor makers blast tax hike

Publication Date : 03-09-2012


Liquor manufacturers of Nepal have complained that hiking the excise duty on liquor on a yearly basis has seriously harmed the country’s liquor industry.

The government was apathetic to the sector which was a big contributor to the country’s economy, stakeholders said at a programme organised by liquor manufacturers.

“The government’s way of looking at the liquor industry is fully negative. This has promoted manufacturing of counterfeit and home made alcoholic beverages,” said Ravi K.C., president of the Nepal Liquor Manufacturers Association.

He said that the government should ban the export of molasses, one of the raw materials used in liquor production.

“Molasses is being exported to India in large quantities,” he said. “Due to this practice, domestic manufacturers are compelled to buy spirit made in India from Nepali molasses at a higher cost.”


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