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Business travellers spend $332 a night in Seoul

Publication Date : 03-09-2012


How much does a night’s stay in Seoul cost globe-trotting business travellers? About 390,000 won (US$332), according to data released Sunday by a lawmaker’s office here.

The expenses covered a room for two at a five-star hotel ($175) and dining out ($157).

This made Seoul the world’s 57th-most expensive city to visit among 100 world cities outside the US and the 7th among Asian destinations. The data, compiled by the Korea Tourism Organisation for Saenuri Party Rep. Cho Hae-jin, are based on a survey by the US Business Travel News of American business travellers who visited Seoul last year.

Geneva topped the list of most expensive cities, with travellers spending $526 on average for a night’s stay.

Oslo took second place at $525, followed by Tokyo at $516.

Among Asian countries, Seoul was the fifth-most costly place, following Tokyo, Hong Kong ($464), Osaka ($448) and Shanghai ($363).


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