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PM urges Malaysians to 'bring meaning to independence'

Publication Date : 01-09-2012


Malaysians must protect the unity enjoyed in the past 55 years that has helped shape it into a successful country, said Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

Addressing a massive crowd at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil here, the prime minister said it was the role of today's generation of leaders and citizens to bring meaning to the country's independence.

“The first generation fought for us to achieve independence, followed by the next generation of leaders and citizens who fought to fill it.

“Now, we are together with the leaders and rakyat who are fighting to bring meaning to our independence,” he said.

Youths performing on jumping stilts in front of the King, Queen and the Prime Minister at the VIP stage, while others wave the Jalur Gemilang.

The prime minister and his wife also took to the stage to join the crowd in singing patriotic songs, while Malaysia’s iconic stars of the Upin and Ipin series added to the celebratory mood.

Najib said that not all countries which had gained independence were “rich, peaceful and strong”.

However, he said that with support, cooperation and contributions from leaders and citizens since gaining independence, Malaysia was a successful country.

“A country that is richer, more peaceful and stronger by the day. After 55 years of building our country and setting our direction, we have to remember the base of our independence unity.

“If we don't protect what we own, we own nothing,” he reminded the millions of Malaysians who witnessed the National Day celebrations both at the stadium and “live” on television.

Najib said Malaysia's harmonious blend of many races and inclusive policies had allowed everyone to contribute in the country's successes and face any challenge.

Also mentioning new Sarawakian diving sensation Pandelela Rinong Pamg as an example of someone helping to place Malaysia on the world stage, he said the country had achieved numerous successes through the contributions of all groups.

He also referred to Thursday night's gathering by non-governmental association coalition Gabungan Janji, which held the Janji Demokrasi rally during the Merdeka eve countdown as those in the minority.

The prime minister said last night's gathering was of the majority.

He lauded the performances by the young performers during the celebrations at Dataran Merdeka as well as in the stadium, calling them “energetic” and “inspiring”.

Najib attributed the country's success to the people and urged them to continue to keep the Merdeka spirit alive, adding that the Government would continue to fight for the people regardless of race and religion.


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