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Python causes stir

Hungry intruder: Civil Defence Department personnel measuring the python.

Publication Date : 26-08-2012


In the otherwise quiet Kampung Tanjung Bakung village in Malim Nawar, it was quite a stir when locals spotted a six-metre-long python.

A villager first discovered the 40-kilogramme reptile outside his house at about 6:30pm on Friday after it had eaten a goat.

The snake was believed to have made its way to the village from a nearby forest and had eaten a goat.

Kampar Civil Defence Department member Intan Norliyana Zairi, 21, said villagers did not have any trouble catching the snake.

“It did not even put up a fight after such a heavy meal.

“We merely covered its head with a gunny sack and tied it up,” said Intan Norliyana.

She added that the snake was later taken to the department’s headquarters in Kampar to be handed over to the state Wildlife and Natural Parks Department (Perhilitan).

“The snake regurgitated the goat carcass about an hour after we put it in a cage,” she said.


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