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Don't reduce Nobel winning microlender's integrity, US tells Bangladesh

Publication Date : 22-08-2012


The US has asked Bangladesh government not to take any action that would reduce the "integrity or efficacy" of the Grameen Bank, Bangladesh's Nobel Peace Prize winning microlender.

"We remain deeply concerned about recent actions by the government of Bangladesh to give the government-appointed chairman of the (Grameen) bank control over the selection of the new managing director," US State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters in reply of a question during a daily news conference in Washington DC on Monday.

"We’re continuing to urge the government of Bangladesh not to take any actions that would reduce the integrity or efficacy of the bank, and we are calling on the government to ensure transparency in the selection of the new managing director," she said.

"This has been a very vibrant part of Bangladeshi society and has in fact been a model for other parts of the world. So we're watching closely," Nuland said in response to the question on the latest action being taken by the Bangladeshi government against the Grameen Bank.


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