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M'sian opposition tagged as 'mere critics'

Publication Date : 21-08-2012


The opposition in Malasyia is only good at criticising the government without displaying any concrete policy or plan, said Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) president Dr Chua Soi Lek.

He said the opposition had never shown its programmes to maintain what the nation had been enjoying now or how to even better it.

“Job opportunities and a nation’s stability do not come naturally and should not be taken for granted,” he said.

In contrast, the Barisan Nasional Government under the prime minister’s leadership had taken a step further by implementing its transformation programmes to ensure continuous economic growth and improve people’s lives, said Chua.

“The programmes provide clear social and economic development and the whole direction is towards becoming a high-income nation by the year 2020,” he said, adding that economic and social progress for the next few years was vital in bringing Malaysia out of the middle-income group.

“If we cannot get out in 10 years, we will be unable to compete with other countries, including Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia,” he said during a dialogue with youths from 12 Chinese associations here yesterday.

The opposition, added Chua, had also managed to sidetrack people from the real issues affecting their lives and the country by creating and harping on highly emotional issues.

He said while many were excited over the two-party system in the wake of the 2008 general election, they forgot key matters like education, job opportunities as well as economic and social development.

“They seem to be more worried about other political issues that incite arguments rather than important matters concerning them.

“A two-party system that brings greater competition among political parties and provides alternatives for the people is good.

“Unfortunately in Malaysia, there are a lot of personal attacks rather than policy to policy or service performance comparison,” he said

Many people, Chua pointed out, seemed to be less bothered whether the next government could ensure the country’s stability and economic growth, and create more job opportunities.

Earlier, Chua, who is Batu Pa­­-hat MCA chairman, visited a health awareness campaign organised by the division’s 1MCA Medical Foundation at Taman Makmur.

In Putrajaya, after attending the prime minister’s Hari Raya open house, he said open houses could be regarded as part of the 1Malaysia concept as it promoted inclusiveness.

This concept, he said, was unique to Malaysia and should be actively practised.


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