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Malaysia's economic growth due to transformation agenda

Publication Date : 20-08-2012


Despite being busy hosting the thousands of people who attended his Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house at Seri Perdana yesterday, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak found time to extend his wishes to Malaysians working or studying in Beijing, London, Tokyo, Canberra and Jakarta via video conferencing.

During his session with the Malaysian representatives, who included Foreign Ministry staff, Najib noted that Malaysia's recent economic achievement of 5.4 per cent growth in the second financial quarter had drawn praise from international financial experts.

"This is proof that if we give solid support to the national transformation agenda, we will be able to achieve economic growth to benefit the rakyat.

"We hope this success will bring pride for all Malaysians here and abroad...that they represent a country that is unique,” he said at the session.

Najib also expressed happiness that Malaysians continued to practise the unique open-house celebrations even when abroad, including serving traditional delicacies such as lemang, ketupat and rendang to guests.

He described the Malaysian open-house tradition as a unique practice adopted by the nation's multi-cultural society to mark festivities.

"I call on Malaysians not only to adopt the open-house tradition but to open the door to their hearts to show the world the joy that is celebrated in our country during festivities," he said.

His wife Rosmah Mansor, who was also present, reminded Malaysians students to call their parents to wish them and seek forgiveness in line with the spirit of the celebrations.

"As a mother, my advice is please call your parents, this is the time to seek forgiveness and for reconciliation," she said.

She also said Malaysians living abroad should dispel any negative misconceptions about Malaysia by countering them with the truth.

Also in attendance during the 30-minute session were Information, Communications and Culture Minister Dr Rais Yatim and Deputy Foreign Ministers Richard Riot and Senator A. Kohilan Pillay.


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