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Sales of tablet computers top notebooks: Samsung

Publication Date : 17-08-2012


Samsung Electronics Taiwan Co. Mobile Communications Team General Manager Andy Tu said yesterday that in both May and June the sales of tablet PCs exceeded those of notebooks in Taiwan, an unusual trend that is unlike the majority of the world market. Tu stated that tablet PCs, not notebooks, are the future.

Tu said that the penetration of notebooks is already high in Taiwan, and consumers tend to buy tablet PCs instead of new notebooks to replace their old notebooks.

Tablet PCs are more mobile than notebooks, said Tu. In a coffee shop, people used to have to find a seat with a socket nearby first, and then go to order their coffee, which is not necessary when they have a tablet.

According to tablet PC sellers, sales of tablet PCs reached 70,000 per month in May and June in Taiwan, while sales of tablet PCs in May and June last year were only 20,000 to 30,000 per month. The number of tablet PC sales is rising, they said.

Samsung categorises consumers into high-end ones and those using tablet PCs for Internet access only. For high-end consumers, the company recommends they use their Note series with hand writing capabilities. For others, Samsung recommends their Tab series.

Samsung announced its GALAXY Note 10.1 yesterday. According to Tu, Samsung sold 7 million GALAXY Note tablet PCs which were launched last year, and the product received 90 out of 100 in terms of satisfaction level in Taiwan.

The Note 10.1 features an “S pen”, which can be used as a mouse and a pen.

Woori Investment & Securities Analyst Park Young, however, stated that it will be difficult for the Note 10.1 to be a hit in the market.

A Note 10.1 costs US$499, while prices for tablet PCs are becoming lower and lower. Meanwhile, most functions of tablet PCs can be found on cellphones, Park said.

Consumers are not likely to buy tablet PCs like they used to, Park stated.


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