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Chinese hurdler Liu to undergo surgery today in Britain

Publication Date : 09-08-2012


Injured Chinese star hurdler Liu Xiang will undergo surgery in Britain today - two days after he crashed out of his 110-metre hurdles heat at the London Olympics and tore his Achilles tendon - although there had been some dispute about when he should undergo treatment.

Reports said Liu should have had the surgery yesterday in London because Achilles tendon injuries should be treated immediately. The reasons for the one-day postponement have not been made public.

It's also reported that Liu's appointed surgeon performed a very successful operation on English soccer superstar David Beckham's tendon injury.

Because Liu is a national hero for his outstanding achievements in track, which is mostly dominated by non-Asian athletes, Liu's suffering has drawn the attention of the central government and China's Olympic delegation.

State Councillor Liu Yandong called the delegation's chief official and Liu.

Xinhua News Agency reported Liu Yandong gave her best wishes and praise to Liu Xiang's performance and the Olympic spirit he showed on the track. She also asked the delegation to start the surgery as soon as possible and hoped to see Liu recover quickly.

China's delegation released a statement yesterday.

"We highly praise Liu's fighting spirit on the track even though he was injured at the first barrier," it said.

"Liu has contributed remarkable glory to Chinese sports in his career and has been struggling with his injury for the past few years. He still kept his head high and fully prepared for the Games. We will try our best to treat his injury and wish him a swift recovery."

Liu earned a standing ovation from the 80,000 spectators when he limped down the track to symbolically cross the finish line, kissing the last hurdle before being consoled by fellow competitors and leaving in a wheelchair.

It has also been confirmed that his torn right Achilles tendon is the same injury that forced him to pull out of the Beijing Olympics' first heat.

Liu underwent foot surgery in a United States hospital right after the Beijing Games.

The nearly three-hour operation took place at the Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Centre in Houston, Texas, and was undertaken by surgeon Tom Clanton, who also treated Houston Rockets centre Yao Ming.

Liu's surgery was deemed successful at the time.


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