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Chinese gymnast is serious about funny business

Chinese gymnast Feng Zhe

Publication Date : 09-08-2012


Feng Zhe isn't just an Olympic parallel bars gold medallist from China. He's also a budding online comedian.

The gymnastics great has been celebrated as a funnyman for his posts on Sina Weibo, a micro blog service that's China's answer to Twitter.

Feng was quite serious when he snagged the parallel bars gold recently, his second gold after leading his team to victory. But right after that win, he took a turn for the silly, and roasted his coach on his weibo.

"When the last gymnast landed, I walked up to Coach Wang with my arms open. Wang said to me: 'Good job, Chubby. Perfect! Come here! You deserve a hug!' I said: 'No, I deserve chocolate cheesecake. One this long!" he tweeted, including a photo of himself with his arms open right after he medalled.

Another of his tweets about Wang was reposted nearly 45,000 times: "It's really not easy for Coach Wang to understand the underground names and game times. He spent two days consulting the dictionary to learn the English words and carefully pencilled the Chinese meanings on the map and rules guide. I was so moved that I erased all the Chinese while Coach Wang slept to further consolidate the words in his memory."

Fans besieged his weibo after China won the team event championship. Feng realised his weibo had become a hit but didn't stop roasting his coach.

"Oops Coach Wang is very angry with me and blamed me for playing tricks on him every day, which made him known to so many people. I told him I was innocent, since every debt has its debtor, and most of my tweets were actually borrowed from the Internet, and I simply adapted the hit jokes. So, if you need a punching bag, blame [the actual writers]," Feng wrote.

The 25-year-old has more than 2.6 million followers, and many fans collected and shared his best tweets. His posts talk about languages, food, coaches, parents, referees and rivals.

One of his popular tweets is: "Our impression of the good South Korean gymnasts starts from the appeals they lodged."

Another is: "Come on, women's team! Come on, girls! Don't forget to come back to marry us! Oh, no, just marry Guo Weiyang [Feng's teammate]!"

His teammate and five-time gold medallist Zou Kai knows Feng's sense of humour as well as anyone.

Zou said Feng told one or two jokes every day before training. But the baby-faced Feng revealed that he becomes bashful when talking to women gymnasts.


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