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Back for pudding

Colourfu l dessert : Khairul and his 26-yearold wife Nuraini Mahfar serving a customer at the Ramadan bazaar in Kampung Kerinchi.

Publication Date : 09-08-2012


Visitors to Khairul Khalid's stall at Kampung Kerinchi Ramadan bazaar in Kuala Lumpur will agree that “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

The furniture salesman provides an array of tasty puddings of different colours and flavours which are made by his aunt. They are so good that his customers keep returning for more.

Among the big favourites are the caramel pudding and the fruit puddings made from dragon fruit, peach, kiwi fruit and lychee.

The “mother” of all puddings is a concoction of all these fruits which the 33-year-old calls his 1Malaysia pudding!

“I think my customers come back because the puddings are special,” said Khairul, who took a month's leave from work to sell these delicacies during the fasting period.

He has a string of regular customers which he offers a “loyalty rate”. He even has nicknames for some of them, like a certain woman who is fond of his lychee puddings whom he calls Kakak Lychee.

Khairul, who is manning a Ramadan stall for the first time, said the extra money he earns during the fasting month will come in handy to support his four young school-going siblings.

Meanwhile, customers are also flocking to a stall selling soup noodles prepared by Md Kassah Isman, 50, from Muar in Johor state.

The stall is run by his son, Muhd Fahmi, 18, and schoolmate Muhd Izzat,19.

“My father started the business long before he married my mum and has supported the family with it,” said Muhd Fahmi, whose elder brother operates another stall in Kampung Lindungan, Petaling Jaya. Their father prepares the spices at home.

Regular customer Norman Ryan, 33, said it was the spices in the soup that kept him coming back.

“Although I stay in Bukit Jalil, I come here every Sunday just for the soup,” he said.


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