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M'sia plans anti-corruption awareness programme at schools

Publication Date : 06-08-2012


The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (Macc) is planning to establish anti-graft secretariats in teacher training colleges nationwide this year.

Sutinah Sutan, the Commission’s deputy chief commissioner (prevention), said yesterday that the latest initiative by the Commission aims to instill positive values among the trainee teachers, who would in turn, inculcate and promote these values to their students.

“Teachers are one of the nation’s key communicators, who play an important role of imparting knowledge and promoting awareness to their students,” she said.

Sutinah said the Commission had already implemented the secretariat in all public universities in the country with similar plans for private universities in the works.

She said the objective of this initiative is to involve as many people as possible in anti-corruption related activities set up by the secretariats such as talks, competition and camps.

She added that the students would assist in organising events at secondary schools to promote awareness among the younger children as well as the local communities.

The Macc, mandated to lead the Fighting Corruption NKRA initiative, intends for the secretariats to help address the negative influences of corruption especially among the younger generation in a bid to cultivate an anti-corruption culture at the earliest age possible.


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