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Three arrested in fatal shooting of soldiers in south Thailand

Publication Date : 30-07-2012


Three men have been arrested for their alleged role in Saturday's fatal shooting of four soldiers in south Thailand, according to Pattani governor Thira Mintarasak.

"We have also retrieved 9mm guns stolen from the slain soldiers," Thira said.

An informed source identified the three suspects as Ismaal Daong, Abdulassi Jeunae and Rosdi Jeunae. The brutal attack took place in Pattani while the soldiers were carrying out their duty.

Thira said the shooting might have involved more than 30 accomplices, many of whom came from nearby provinces.

"We believe 19 of them come from Yala and Narathiwat. Between eight and 10 others come from Songkhla's Chana district," he said.

Thira believed the accomplices wanted to avenge the extrajudicial killing of an insurgent leader, Adinan MasaI.

Pattani police chief Major General Pichet Pitisetphan said investigators were trying to locate all the culprits in Saturday's attack.

"We are in the process of identifying all attackers seen in the footage from a security camera," he said.

He also convened a meeting of all local police station chiefs to step up security measures in the province.

A source said suspected insurgents had already turned two pickups into car bombs and were plotting to detonate them in Muang Pattani municipal areas.

At least two more violent incidents erupted in Pattani early yesterday. The first attack took place in Mae Lan district with two young men shot dead. Pirawat Pitkij, 25, and Yuttana Meechamnan, 19, were gunned down while they were heading back home on a motorcycle at around 1am.

The second attack took place in Yarang district. Zakareeya Tasu, 45, was shot in the head while walking back home in the wee hours of yesterday.

Police are investigating the two cases.

Meanwhile, the Justice for Peace Foundation urged Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to prioritise efforts to resolve the unrest in the deep South.


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