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Nato cargo: Clearance process from Pak port areas begins

Publication Date : 19-07-2012


Customs authorities in Pakistan are ready to process and clear all Nato/Isaf (International Security Assistance Force) cargoes lying inside bonded areas of ports provided the owners or their freight forwarders and clearing agents present their relevant documents, official sources said yesterday.

Presently 7,834 containers including large number of military vehicles had been stranded inside the Karachi and Qasim ports for the last seven months.

The sources said that under the newly laid down procedures all containers which had been lying inside the bonded areas of the ports will be subjected to scanning and as usual seals will be applied.

However, the Nato/Isaf containers will be cleared by the customs as per paragraph 25 to 31 of Customs General Order (CGO) No.21 of 2002, official sources said.

"After receiving go-ahead single from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) the customs authorities are ready to process such cargoes provided the owners (Nato/Isaf or US army) present their documents," a customs official confided to Dawn.

Under new rules and procedures all such cargoes within bonded areas of ports will be subjected to scanning after submitting relevant documents with the customs, he added.

However, sources said that those containers which had been cleared by the customs during post Salala incident (on November 26 last year) but remained within the country have now been allowed to cross border into Afghanistan.

Such cargoes and containers are no more under customs jurisdiction because they had been cleared under relevant rules and procedures of the CGO 21 of 2002, therefore, could cross border provided their owners or freight forwards facilitate, he added.

Port sources said 5,834 containers and vehicles are stranded in Karachi Port area and 2,500 mostly vehicles in Qasim Port.


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