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Indian army officer faces charges over Facebook contact

Publication Date : 12-07-2012


An officer of the Indian Army is facing charges of establishing unauthorised contacts on the Facebook with a woman, who is suspected to be an agent of Pakistan intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

The same woman, whom the Indian army sources claimed to be Bangladeshi, had earlier honey-trapped another Indian officer in Dhaka last year.

The Armoured Corps Lt Col deployed in Suratgarh district of Rajasthan is facing a Court of Inquiry (CoI) for allegedly establishing Facebook contacts with the woman, army sources said.

They said the CoI was ordered after the Intelligence Bureau personnel had noticed that the officer was regularly in touch with her on Facebook.

Army sources said the officer had not established any physical contact with the woman and it was limited only in the cyber domain.

The same woman by the name of Sheeba was allegedly involved in honey-trapping another lieutenant colonel during his posting in Bangladesh and then blackmailed the officer through ISI, which asked him to spy for Pakistan.

The infantry officer was doing his Staff College course in Bangladesh's Military Academy in Dhaka. He met the woman at a party in Dhaka and was allegedly approached by ISI agents later.


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