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Jackie Chan gives back

Jackie Chan

Publication Date : 11-07-2012


No one needs much convincing to go see a Jackie Chan movie, but now the Hong Kong superstar has extra appeal with part of his ticket revenues going to Jackie Chan's Charitable Foundation and the Dragon's Heart Foundation.

The first raises money for victims of disaster and the second for needy children and elderly people in rural areas. Folks affected by the flooding in Thailand last year have just become beneficiaries.

After visiting Myanmar in his other role as a Unicef ambassador, Chan came to Thailand on Sunday to hand over 6 million baht (US$189,000) to 30 organisations. He expressed hope that more celebrities will follow his example to give back to the public. "Copycats are welcome!" he laughed. "I grew up poor and struggled, and now I have enough money to share with the needy."

Chan said he's loved Thailand ever since his first brief trip here as a youngster. And he still remembers indispensable phrases like mai pen rai. This stuff does matter, though, Jackie. Thanks!


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