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Two Nato containers cross Pak border into Afghanistan

Publication Date : 06-07-2012


Two containers carrying goods for Nato forces yesterday crossed Pakistan Chaman border into Afghanistan.

“Two big containers loaded with Nato supplies were allowed to cross into Spin-Boldak district of Afghanistan after orders to that effect were received from the authorities in Islamabad,” said Imran Razaq, Deputy Collector of Customs in Chaman.

He said the customs department had received the orders earlier, but security forces deployed at the border were intimated yesterday.

Sources said that two of the four containers which had been there in the customs house since November last year when Pakistan closed Nato supply routes had gone to Afghanistan after customs clearance and the other two would leave today.

No fresh container reached Chaman from Karachi so far.

“A new convoy of containers is expected in two to three days,” custom officials said.


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