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Gurkhas' number to dwindle after 2020

Publication Date : 06-07-2012


The strength of the Gurkha, an ethnic community from Nepal, in the British army after 2020 will be 2,600, suggests the results of a study.

The Brigade of Gurkhas in the UK army has around 3,000 soldiers following two rounds of redundancy.

“The Brigade of Gurkhas, which will play a full part in this new structure, will number 2,600 soldiers and officers, serving in two infantry battalions, an engineer, a signals and a logistic regiment,” said a British embassy release.

The British government was scheduled to announce the results of the study on the shape of its army post 2020 by the week, the statement read.

The army, which today numbers some 97,000 regular soldiers will be reduced to 82,000, bolstered by a part-time force of 30,000 territorial soldiers.

“Although we spare a thought for those in other regiments that will fold or amalgamate, I am delighted that the brigade has survived these difficult cuts", said the Defence Attache at the British embassy.

“This is good news for our Gurkhas and for Nepal, and is testament to the high regard that the British government and people have for their Gurkhas, as well as to the brigade's success and reputation on operations. We will continue to invest in our recruiting and welfare activities in Nepal.”


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