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Another Taiwan legislator implicated in graft scandal

Publication Date : 06-07-2012


Former Taiwan Legislator Chiu Yi said yesterday that Chen Chi-hsiang, owner of Ti Yung Co., had approached another legislator to secure the China Steel Corporation (CSC) slag deal.

As to who this legislator might be, Chiu did not specify. He did say, however, that the amount this legislator asked for was NT$40 million (US$1.33 million) — NT$23 million ($768,000) lower than Lin Yi-shih's requested amount.
After Lin lost the legislative election in January, Chen did not know that he would be promoted to the post of Cabinet secretary-general in the following month; therefore, Chen had approached an elected legislator instead to secure the slag treatment contract with CSC, according to Chiu.

In the tape recordings that Chen provided to the Special Investigation Division, Lin had repeatedly stressed his preeminence as Cabinet secretary-general. Given that Lin and Chen are quite familiar with each other, this part of the conversation stands out as somewhat odd; Chiu speculated that Lin had stressed his superiority because he was aware that he had competition, possibly from a legislator.

Chiu did not say whether this “legislator” belongs to the pan-blue or pan-green coalition.

The recent bribery scandal has dealt a severe blow to President Ma Ying-jeou's administration. Recent polls show that an overwhelming 85 per cent of the electorate is deeply dissatisfied with President Ma's performance. The president's second term has been entangled in controversies almost from day one — US beef, stock gains tax, utility price hikes, and now the recent graft scandal.

According to reports, Lin had approached Ma shortly before the scandal blew up, telling him that something was about to happen, and that Wang Jin-pyng, president of the Legislative Yuan, was behind it all.

At the Kuomintang Central Standing Committee conference held Wednesday, Ma was quoted as saying that Lin did approach him shortly before the scandal was reported, but that Lin did not mention Wang at all.

The case is likely to stay in the spotlight as investigators also suspect that there were other officials involved. President Ma said Wednesday that “no matter how many people are involved and no matter how high up these people are” justice must be done.


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