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US Congress leaders join hands against Haqqanis

Publication Date : 29-06-2012


US Congressional leaders yesterday banded together to push for designating the Haqqani network a foreign terrorist organisation.

The vote, expected late yesterday, would make it unlawful to provide material support or resources to the group.

Republican and Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill joined hands to push for the legislation backed by the chairmen of the House Intelligence, Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committees.

Coming together of such powerful congressional leaders has not only ensured its passage but would also bring enough pressure on the Obama administration against blocking the move.

In November, a senior State Department official told reporters that they were engaged in the “final formal review” on whether to designate the group as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation.

And the US media quoted officials as saying that continued attacks on Nato have furthered strengthened moves for declaring the Haqqani Network a terrorist outfit.

But the US media also quoted other government officials as saying that labelling the Haqqanis could jeopardise peace talks with the Taliban as they were close allies.


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