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Indonesia broadcasting watchdog member reports Twitter death threats to police

Publication Date : 27-06-2012


Ezki Suyanto, a member of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) says she has reported several Twitter users to the Jakarta Police for allegedly using the microblogging website to threaten to kill her.

The death threats were apparently connected to KPI’s investigation of complaints on comedian’s Olga Syahputra’s offensive comments on television.

Suyanto said yesterday she reported Twitter users @mariaLOVEolgaSB, @georgia_andrea and @CrusEdward for insulting her and allegedly issuing death threats.

The only apparent death threat that could be found yesterday was seen on the @CrusEdward account, although Suyanto said she had made copies of the other threatening tweets.

"One of them threatened to kill me [Monday] afternoon, claiming he knew me and my address. There was also a man who called me anonymously, saying that he would kill me as well," Suyanto told The Jakarta Post.

Suyanto said that the threats came after KPI members summoned executives of local TV station ANTV on Monday morning to discuss a public complaint about the comedian's comment in one of their shows, Pesbukers.

In an episode of the show broadcast on June 19, Syahputra told co-host Julia Perez that her propensity to use the Muslim greeting Assalamualaikum (peace be with you) reminded him of a beggar using the phrase to ask for money.

It is not the first time that the comedian has found himself in hot water. On an anniversary broadcast of media, lifestyle and entertainment company Trans Corp on Dec. 27, Syahputra described the rape and murder of a woman on public transportation van as "trivial".

Suyanto said that she reported the threats to the police after a discussion with colleagues and KPI members. “I just want people to know that intimidation is not the answer,” Suyanto added.

Separately, Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said that officers would investigate Suyanto's report.

Under Articles 27 and 29 of the 2008 Information and Electronic Transaction Law, anyone found guilty of using electronic media, including social networks, to intimidate others, can be imprisoned for up to 12 years, while Article 336 of the Criminal Code on death threats carries a maximum of 15 years' imprisonment.

In one Twitter message, @CrusEdward said that he knew Suyanto personally and threatened to kill her, but did not specify a motive. The user had only a total of six tweets and three followers as of yesterday.

"I know you. I know your wickedness. Remember that, you bastard! I will kill you," said @CrusEdward mentioning Suyanto's account, @ezkisuyanto.

The Twitter account for @georgia_andrea had disappeared as of yesterday, but Maria Febriana, the owner of @mariaLOVEolgaSB, said on Twitter that she was not afraid that her name was reported to the police because she was innocent.


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