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Lalita laments lost love

A promotional poster shows Lalita striking a pose to launch her second single.

Publication Date : 15-06-2012


When you are unlucky in love you often face the dilemma as to whether to break things off or try and patch things up, which is what Lao R & B singer Lalita sings about.

She has just released her second single “Leum bor dai phor jai bor leum” (I can't forget you), which speaks to the troubles of people's hearts when they open them up to someone else.

Lalita's debut single “Paik an bor dai leu bor yak pai” (Was I a good person or do you need someone new) was an instant hit.

It tells the story of a girl whose boyfriend has found a new love. He tells her she is a very good girl and maybe she should find a better man. She doesn't know what to do so she asks him in response - was I a good person or do you need someone new?

Lalita details a little about her new single on her Facebook fanclub page, saying that the song might make listeners a little sad sometimes, if they have experienced what it feels like for a friendship to become something more but then ends up on the rocks.

Lalita's second single was written by DJ Jack, with sounds and mixing done by Guy B-Hero and Sam. She is now working in collaboration with her producer to improve various aspects of her style, and make sure that her music video suits her personality and reflects what she wants to convey.

She said she wants her latest music video to reflect her confidence and sexy style, saying it will be different from “Pai kan bor dai leu bor yak pai,” which was released on YouTube last year.

Her latest music video will be appearing on local television stations sometime soon, after it is released by BN Entertainment, and fans are sure to love it, even if it might stir up painful thoughts.


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