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A comical facade

An artist performs in Segera, a non-verbal theatrical work relying mostly on gestures and quick, precise timing, at the Jakarta Playhouse in Jakarta on Wednesday evening. Photo by JP

Publication Date : 14-06-2012


Segera, too, depicts the imbalance and violence in society


Audience members, including school-age children, roared with laughter on Wednesday night in Jakarta at the sight of lingerie-clad men dodging flying objects such as jerry cans and wood fragments.

Despite the comical facade, Segera, which was staged at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Playhouse), depicts the imbalance and violence prevalent in the modern age, with a glint of hope at the end of the tunnel.

Segera is essentially a non-verbal theatrical work, relying mostly on physical gestures and quick, precise timing as the show involves stunts, such as balancing on top of a tall ladder and swinging from a stage light.

Members of Indonesia's Teater Payung Hitam worked with French creator Camille Boitel and the L'Immediat group to perform Boitel's work – originally titled L'Immediat – as part of the Jakarta Anniversary Festival X 2012.

What emerged out of the cooperation is an intense show featuring props gathered from the street, such as a garbage cart, a food cart and various items associated with trash.

Rachman Sabur said the show was part irony, "Like when you hit someone and they don't yell in pain anymore. Perhaps they just smile. That is the kind of thing you might find [in Segera]," he said.

A second performance will be held tonight.


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