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Pakistan senate committee calls for austerity

Publication Date : 12-06-2012


Pakistan Senate’s standing committee on finance yesterday recommended that non-development expenses of the prime minister, the president and other institutions to be restricted to last year’s level and to allocate the additional amount to country’s energy sector, DawnNews reported.

The committee recommended that the practice of allocating agricultural lands, plots and flats to military generals, judges and bureaucrats should be abandoned, according to the report of the TV channel.

The committee rejected the recommendation of cutting down of funds from a 27 billion-rupee (US$286 million) people’s workers programme.

The committee also rejected the recommendation of fixing the minimum wage at 9,000 rupees ($95.39).

It was recommended in the committee that “use of VIP lounges should be disallowed on government’s official foreign trips.”

Moreover, the committee recommended that information related to foreign loans and foreign aid should be presented in the parliament.

Establishing a tax-free industrial zone in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was also recommended by the committee.


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